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1stSelect Recruitment Software is intuitive, flexible and a simple recruitment software to learn and use. It can easily be installed to your Windows based PC in minutes with a choice of how to host your data. There is no annual licence fee, just a single fee starting from £275 and with FREE training shows and FREE 30 Days technical support. It will only be hours before your business is more productive.

1stSelect Version 5 has some wonderful features, for example your consultants can immediately be alerted by SMS or email to any new candidate that matches a job selection, you can easily advertise and manage your vacancies through your own website or Broadbean. 1stSelect also integrates tightly with Microsoft Office and Outlook with emails received or sent to your candidates, clients or consultants being attached to their 1stSelect records. 1stSelect even allows you to send your recruitment diary, future tasks, basic candidate and client contact information to your iPhone or smart phone. For further information on 1stSelect recruitment features, please refer to our webcast service and then try our 1stSelectGO Free Recruitment Software.

1stSelectGO Version 5 is our free recruitment software for startup companies. There is no time limit, no candidate or client record limit, no catches. We genuinly want your recruitment business to take off which benefits both our firms. In addition, Digitec will also offer 2 weeks of free technical support. For further information, please refer to 1stSelectGO Free Recruitment Software.

1stSelectASP - Always wanted your website to connect to your recruitment software? 1stSelectASP is our web portal software for candidates and clients which links to 1stSelect recruitment software. Candidates can easily register, upload a CV, search and review current vacancies and apply for a vacancy, whilst clients can use 1stSelectASP to upload new vacancies to 1stSelect. 1stSelectASP can easily be edit, customised and used as a complete website or merged into your existing website. Your consultants can even track all web activity directly from 1stSelect using our web activity contact trails. Combine 1stSelectASP with 1stSelect and you have a powerful professional web presence at a low cost. For more information, please refer to 1stSelectASP Web Portal.

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