Recruitment Software Addons


AFD Software

The AFD Postcode software is required to aid the automated entry
of Candidate Contact Details, Telephone Numbers, Email Addresses
and the Distance To Vacancy calculations. .

You require a minimum of 1 licence of AFD, which is normally installed on the PC
which will import candidates CV's. All PC's on your network will benefit
from Distance to Vacancy calculations.

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Icetrak SMS

1stSelect provides the ability to SMS messages to one or multiple
contacts at a click of a button, which according to our
clients, is a real bonus!

To allow you to try this facility, Icetrak have provided all new Digitec Clients with
a 2 week trial period with a 100 FREE SMS. At the end of this period, you simply
buy credits in batches and use 1stSelect to communicate quickly with Candidate and
So no more waiting on the telephone or waiting for a response to your emails, simply
use our Blast Contact Centre to reach suitable candidates worldwide.

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