New Features

New Added Features

We are constantly upgrading 1stSelect with new features which you will
get absolutely free with your support contract.

Our developers recently added a New CV Parsing and Importing Tool which improves on the previous CV Importing Tool making it quicker, easier and more accurate to import CV's.

Listed below are the most recent features added to 1stSelect Version 5.

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Version 5 Build 6000 - Release Date 20/10/12
5 min Outlook Email Integration

1stSelect already has a great email system, but we have taken it one step further with the addition of Outlook email integration. A user can now opt to use Outlook emails in 1stSelect, enjoying the full functionality of Outlook whilst knowing that all emails sent and received will be recorded in 1stSelect.
8 min Tweet Your Jobs, Post Comments and Read Your Twitter Feed

With this new feature, you can now read, post and post comments directly to Twitter from within 1stSelect. We have even added a new function which allows you to post jobs to Twitter with one easy click..


Version 5 Build 5700 - Release Date 01/08/11
5 min New Dashboard added to the Principal Screen.

The new dashboard gives any consultant a quick and accurate look into their immediate workload. The default todays date can be changed to a date range giving a consultant a look at their future and past activity. Owners or managers of the business can also take a look at a range of consultants activity over a given time period.
8 min New Features added to the CV Processing Screen.

The CV Processing screen has a new layout and new features. You can now stamp all incoming CV's with a company logo and contact details ensuring that clients know exactly where the CV came from whilst saving you time on editing CV's.


Version 5 Build 5500 - Release Date 20.9.10
11 min CV Processing has been completely overhauled with a new CV Import Screen and Parsing Tool added.

Through a single click of the 'Click And Import' button, a CV is uploaded to Digitec's Parsing Website. The CV is then parsed for contact details and added to 1stSelect Candidate Records while the CV is profiled from a pick lists and imported. 1stSelect will even send a confirmation of registration email to the candidate after the import process.

Version 5 Build 5300 - Release Date 8.3.10
15 min Skype Integration has been added allowing consultants to make calls from 1stSelect using Skype.

In addition, the Contact Trail for Candidate and Clients has been updated to show calls and conversation made through Skype. Multiple email address for Candidates have been added, providing a consultant with the means to email a primary email address or a choice of email addresses.

Version 5 Build 5100 - Release Date 1.12.09
15 min Broadbean integration has been added providing consultants with the ability to multipost a vacancy to multiple jobs sites in a simple process.

Removing published jobs from multiple jobsites can easily be done through a single click in 1stSelect..

Active Selections have been added providing a means for a consultant to make a selection or multiple selections active. This means that when a candidate CV is imported it can be checked against your active selections to see if that candidate is suitable for a vacancy. If the candidate falls within your active selection then the consultant will be alerted via email, SMS or by a 1stSelect task or any combination.

A new Contact Search tab has been added providing for a deeper search option on all candidate and client fields.