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1stSelectASP brings an exciting new internet dimension to your recruitment
business by making it easier to deal with data and communications with your
Candidates and Clients. If you use 1stSelect already then you will find
1stSelectASP to be an invaluable addition to your business.

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What is 1stSelectASP
Essentially 1stSelectASP is a ready built website which integrates data to or from Digitec's desktop 1stSelectPro recruitment database (Version 4 or above).  It does this by using special code pages know as ASP pages or Active Server Pages.  These pages can retrieve, insert, edit or manipulate data directly into 1stSelect .

Who is 1stSelectASP Aimed At?
1stSelectASP is aimed at companies who may or may not have a web site and whose business size is from small to medium in size.

How Does It Help With New Candidates?
When new Candidates contact your business, they probably want to do at least two things and these are to register and find out if your have any suitable vacancies.

This can now be done over the internet using 1stSelectASP.

Before a Candidate can search for suitable jobs, 1stSelectASP requires the Candidate to first register.

There are two steps to the registering process - the first is to register their personal details whilst the second is to upload their CV.

On completion of these two steps, 1stSelectASP will have added this Candidate and their CV to 1stSelect. 1stSelectASP can also detect similar candidate applications and prevent duplicate records.

1stSelectASP sends a confirmation email to the Candidate confirming registration and providing confirmation of their username and password which allows the user to logon and view their own Personal Account Page.

If you want to, you can also have 1stSelectASP send a notification email to all your consultants with the Candidates registration details and attached CV.

Once the registration process has been completed the Candidate can access their Personal Account Page and search for suitable jobs.

What is the Personal Account Page?
Every Candidate that registers with your business will have the ability to logon on to 1stSelectASP and access their own Personal Account Page.

The Personal Account Page provides eight important functions.

View Their Registered Details
bullet Edit Their Registered Details - such a change in address
bullet View Their Current Registered CV
bullet Upload A New CV
bullet Change Their Job Alert Mailing Option
bullet Change Their Availability Status
bullet Search And View Current Vacancies
bullet Track Current Vacancy Applications.

How Does 1stSelect track web visitors?
As well as 1stSelectASP entering Candidates registration details directly into 1stSelect with the CV, 1stSelectASP can also log every step a candidate does directly into 1stSelect which can be viewed under a Contact Trail or Web Trace screen in the Candidates Record.

In the Web Trace log you will be able to easily view when a Candidate last visited your web site, whether they logged on successfully or not, whether they edited their registration card or uploaded a new CV and if a candidate views a vacancy this will be logged along with their action on that vacancy.

How Does 1stSelectASP Handle Candidate Applications To Vacancies?
When a vacancy is entered into either the temporary or permanent vacancy screen in 1stSelect, then you have a choice through a drop down box whether or not you want that vacancy to be published to 1stSelectASP.
A Candidate searching for a vacancy can either view all temporary or permanent vacancies via their Personal Account Page or they can setup a specific search criteria and search for suitable vacancies against that.
Once a position of interest has been located, a Candidate can apply for this job.
On doing so an email is sent to the Candidate confirming their interest with a summary of the job details.  In addition, an email is also sent a list of consultants notifying them that this candidate is interested in this job vacancy.
A task is also added directly to the task list for the primary consultant dealing with this vacancy, which on double clicking would take them directly to the vacancy where they can then act on the Candidates application.

How Do Clients Register Vacancies?
1stSelectASP has a vacancy entry page, which will allow your clients to register vacancies directly to 1stSelect and have these immediately published to 1stSelectASP for your registered candidates to view and apply for.
When a client registers a vacancy, an email is sent confirming the registration of the vacancy with a summary of the job details.  In addition an email is also sent to all consultants notifying them of the new vacancy.  In addition a task is entered into the primary consultants task list notifying them of the new vacancy.

What If I Have A Web Site Already?
1stSelectASP is a complete web site in its own right.  All you need do is change some default settings and you are ready to run with a new web site, you may also edit the 1stSelectASP pages to taylor them to your own text and settings.  If on the other hand you already have a web site then you can easily incorporate the forms and coded pages into your web site.  This can be done by any one familiar with Microsoft Front Page, Dreamweaver or similar HTML editing programs.  If you do not have a web developer then Digitec can perform these tasks through our partner web designers.